june davis board photo
Board President
June W. Davis
8035 Southern Pine Way
Fort Worth, TX 76123
Place 4 - Term Ends 2018
ryan ray board photo
Board Vice President
Ryan Ray
1213 Cameo Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76134
Place 5 - Term Ends 2019
gary grassia board photo  
Board Secretary
6200 Comfort Drive 
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Place 6 - Term Ends 2019
Vacant due to resignation until May 2017 election 
lyndsae benton board photo
Board Member 
4675 Ardenwood Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76123
Place 7 - Term Ends 2019
thedrick franklin board photo
Board Member
Thedrick Franklin
8324 Auburn Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76123
Place 2 - Term Ends 2017
mia hall board photo
Board Member
Mia Hall
4629 Maple Hill Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76123
Place 3 - Term Ends 2018
Mission Statement
Crowley ISD provides our students with excellence in education so that all students achieve their full potential.

Vision Statement
Crowley ISD will provide all students with a world-class, high-quality education where students are inspired to succeed in the global community.

Board Priorities
• We value high academic achievement.
• All students can learn through a variety of instructional methods and opportunities that meet their individual needs.
• Learning is enhanced through social interaction in a diverse setting.
• We value a safe and secure learning environment.
• We value a positive workplace in which each employee is appreciated and given opportunities for professional growth.
• We respect and value the opinions of all students, employees and community members.
• We encourage open, effective and timely communication with district stakeholders.
• We support effective stewardship of public resources. 
Goal 1: Improve Student Achievement for All
Goal 2: Provide Safe, Secure, and Nurturing Schools
Goal 3: Support Parent and Community Partnerships
Goal 4: Provide a Quality Workforce in a Positive Work Environment
Goal 5: Ensure Effective and Efficient Use of Resources