What is an Early College High School?
    Crowley Collegiate Academy is a campus-based Early College High School designed to foster a “college-going culture” and prepare “college-ready” students.  Students accepted to CCA will have the opportunity to be successful in high school and college courses in order to earn not only a high school diploma but also a college Associate’s degree.

    What classes are the students taking?
    Courses offered at CCA are Pre-AP and Dual Credit.  Pre-AP courses are offered in 9th and 10th grade for English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Dual Credit courses are offered beginning in 9th grade from TCC instructors.  Dual Credit courses earn both high school and college credit.  Students are also enrolled in elective courses including AVID and a Program of Study in Business.  Students are provided a daily tutorial period for academic support. Students have the opportunity to earn 9 credits during 9th grade.

    How long is the school day and what is the schedule?
    Classes at CCA begin at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm.  High school classes are on an A-day/B-day schedule. and college classes will be held on a college schedule (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday).  Friday classes during the college class period involve special projects, guest speakers, college visits, volunteer activities, and clubs.

    Where are classes taken?
    CCA is located on the Bill R. Johnson CTE Center and all classes are taken on this campus.  Student registration and enrollment will take place on the home campus.

    What is the dress code at CCA?
    Students will follow the high school dress code on Monday-Friday.  On designated days, students will dress business casual wearing collared shirt, CCA shirt or a college shirt with dress pants or skirt or dress.

    Is there bus transportation?
    Bus transportation is currently provided in the morning from neighborhood locations. In the afternoon, students are shuttled to their home campus of enrollment, then normal transportation rules apply from the home campus.

    Can the student participate in athletics or fine arts?
    Because all classes for CCA students are taken at the CTE Center, students will not take classes on the home campus.  Should students choose to try-out and participate in a home campus extra-curricular activity, the coach or director will need to understand the student will not be able to participate in the activity on the home campus during the school day.  Families need to make the best decision for their student understanding the heavy academic load at CCA.  Students who desire to participate in extra-curricular activities on the home campus must request a form from the CCA director.