Meet Principal Morgan

    Arthurlyn P. Morgan, Ed.D.  has been the principal of Meadowcreek Elementary School since the 2013-14 school year. She came to Crowley ISD after spending 10 years as an elementary teacher and eight years as an elementary assistant principal in Fort Worth ISD. 
    Morgan received her undergraduate degree from Jarvis Christian College and earned a master's degree and doctorate from Texas Christian University.
    Why did you choose education as a career?
    I chose education as a career because I wanted to do more than make a difference. My career as an educator and now administrator is about reaching each student where they are. I had many teachers who nurtured me as a student and teacher, and I believe I am here today because of them. My desire for my students, those whom I have taught as well as those whom I have been an principal for, is to touch their lives in the same meaningful way that so many of my teachers and administrators did for me.

    Why is education important?
    Education, especially those early years, is important because it begins the pathway to one's future success. It provides the foundation and hope of what could be or is to come. In essence, it is our foundation, and without a foundation, we have nothing to build on.

    What do you enjoy about being the principal of Meadowcreek Elementary School?
    Our campus is full of some of the best and brightest students in this district, and our teachers and staff are committed to our students' success. I enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, the hardworking scholars, the supportive parents and the dedicated individuals who make up the Mighty Meadowcreek Mustangs staff, whom I consider my second family!

    What is your hope for your campus?
    My hope for Meadowcreek Elementary is that it becomes an innovative campus where techniques and instructional strategies are on the cutting edge of education. I want our campus to be the campus other districts across our region and state are talking about and visiting because of the success we have educating students from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

    Tell us about your family.
    I love the arts and baking; so in my spare time, I spend a lot of time attending plays at the Jubilee Theatre in Downtown Fort Worth, as well as marketing a small bundt cake business.