• Bus Route/Stop Procedures
    • Students must live at least 2 miles from their school to qualify for Crowley ISD Transportation
    • Bus routes cannot be customized based on who lives where

    Bus routes are set up based upon:
    • Even distribution of stops throughout neighborhood
    • Safety of location
    • Fairness to all residents -- including those have yet to move in
    • Routes will not be changed based solely on where students live "this" year
    • Routes will not be changed solely because a parent cannot see a bus stop from his/her house
    • Routes will not be changed because it is too far for the student to walk unless the student lives over a half mile from the stop
    • Students are assigned to bus stops by computer software
    • Bus stops will not be located inside gated communities or apartments.

    If a stop (to or from school) has not had students for ten consecutive school days, that stop may be eliminated (at the Transportation Department's discretion) without notifying the student(s).

    Students must carry all belongings in their lap or under their seat.

    Large items such as book bags, backpacks, and large musical instruments may not take up seat space designed for students.

    Items that block the view of the driver are not permitted.

    Any requests for changes to routes must be submitted in writing and include the following:
    • Your name, address, and phone number
    • Location of current bus stop and bus number
    • Change requested and reason

    Any request for a different stop to be added or a stop to be relocated must be submitted in writing and include the following:
    • The location of the new stop